* Gopani Group (GG) is well  known name  in indian steel  industry. GG's  high   reputation   is   due   to promoters.  40  years  of presence steel  business. GG  is  well  known   for  clear   vision   and   target oriented  planning   in  the  industry. GG  has  good history of   growth  due  to  its  basic  principals  of  quality and services since begining
* Gopani Iron & Power (India) Pvt. Ltd (GIPL) is  the result  of  GG's  future   vision  and  target  oriented planing with application of rich experience and wise decision.   GIPL    has     installed      capacity    to manufacture   120,000  Tons  of   sponge   iron  per
annum. Its  manufactirung  facility  in  India  is spreaded over 283,630 sq mtr of industrial land at MIDC Growth Centre in Chandrapur District. GIPL is manufacturing high quality sponge iron and is created to Hot Rolled Steel manufacturers who values quality for the raw material sourcing.
Quality and Services
* There is no survival in long term without Quality  and Services. This is the basic principal of GG's policy. It has given GG  a  long  presence in  the  business.  GIPL  is  running on the same principal and the fast growth and success is the result of it.

* The success is sure for  GIPL with back up of  GG's presence and high professional management team and dedicated workforce. GG is dedicated to take GIPL to its new hieght with continous Progress.

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Gopani Iron & Power (India) Pvt. Ltd
GIPL will offer quality & timely service to its clients. We believe in delivering value in everything, we do.